Terms of Sale

If we desire, we may wish to refuse a sale if we deem it to not meet identity or verification needs to ensure the safekeeping of your accounts and our business. Due to the nature of services Envesko provides, under no circumstances should a refund be expected after a purchase is completed.

For recurring products, we reserve the right at any time to modify the contents of the package related to the demands on the services provided.

If you wish to cancel a recurring product, you may do so from your PayPal account by cancelling the subscription created when you submitted your purchase.

In the instance where a customer issues a Chargebacks towards a purchase completed, it will result in your account being permanently terminated and you will be assessed a $50 fee that is required to be settled. We will make every effort to resolve an issue before you issue a chargeback or a dispute, so we encourage you to contact us in advance of this to avoid additional fees.

I Accepted The Terms of Sale